Work with Me

Other than blogging for books; I am a professional Social Media and Content Manager; so if you wish to work with me here are my professional facts:

  1. Writing in both Arabic and English.
  2. Copy-writing.
  3. Blogging.
  4. Script writing.
  5. Social Media (Content and Management).
  6. Business Writing.
  7. Web content writing.
  8. Reviews.
What I can offer you?
  1. All my above skills.
  2. Sponsorship and partner ship (Over Seraphina Reads).
  3. Promotional blog posts to review your products.
  4. Writing for your own website or blog.
  5. Other writing services that suite my skills.

Contact me:
  1. Professional email:
  2. Blog email:

    My portfolio | LinkedIn |  Twitter | Instagram

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