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SR Behind the Pages (2): Interview with The The page Gypsy, Lady Alyssa Abbott

Interview with The The page Gypsy, Lady Alyssa

SR Behind the Pages is a simple THANK YOU to the Bloggers, Instagram superstars, Artists, and Aspiring authors around the world, whom in need of a applause for their outstanding efforts. We will be having interviews to concentrate on their works within 17 questions or less - may be more.
Today I would love you to welcome one of my the lady of darkness, the gothic witchy literary queen, Alyssa Abbott.

1. Hello Alyssa! It is really great to have you as a guest on Seraphina Reads, can you please tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you, and of course! My name is Alyssa, from (also on Instagram) I'm a mother of two boys,  currently working on my Associates in English, and absolutely literature obsessed!

2. You are an avid reader and awesome bookworm, still, Can you tell me the story behind your book blog? And What really pulled you to start a book blog?

What really pulled me to start a book blog, was the fact that I have far too much to say for Instagrams abilities to fulfil. I started seriously blogging last year, I really love to write, and I feel that it is a wonderful avenue for creative writing.

3. To the book's questions, how did you become a bookworm, who or got you into reading?

There are pictures of me, as a child, that I have no memory of, and my floor is covered in children's books while I happily flip through the pages. There has never been a question about when I first fell in love with reading, it was just always so.

4. We all have favourite lists, so who are your favourite authors?

I have a handful of favourite authors, Holly Black being the first on that list. Her books reached me at a young age, so full of magic, which was just what any adolescent needs. Other favourite authors of mine include, Neil Gaiman, Oscar Wilde, Lois Duncan, Mary Shelley, and Danielle Vega. Lots of horror and fantasy authors!
5. Which book - series or stand-alone -  you will never ever read?

Twilight. I've got a lot of negative opinions about Twilight, and I've never read it. I also won't explain why because I don't enjoy being negative, but I definitely have some ill feelings about that entire series. I will say that I sat through two of the movies though, on a friends request, and was mortified. Especially for the battle that turned out to be a vision. Rule number one of writing, no cliché dream sequences, that will turn a reader off real quick.
6. Which do you prefer hard copies or electronic copies?

Hard copies! I like and use both types of media but something about that physical book in your hands and turning the pages, its such a different experience.
7. What is the first book that made you cry?

The first book that made me cry? If it wasn't The Hundred Dresses, by Elanor Estes, then it was Daphne's Book, by Mary Downing Hahn. Its hard to be a young child, finding your way at the mercy of adults who are still figuring out how to be adults, and those books fit so snugly in those big elementary school emotions we all end up facing.
8. If you could bring 3 fictional characters to life, who would they be?

Oh my! If I could bring 3 fictional characters to life, first I would choose Belle, she's bookish best friend material for sure! Next, I think I would have to choose Frodo because he would join the book club that Belle and I start. Third, Frankenstein's Monster, the poor thing, all he wanted was to learn and experience literature. Knowing what we're shown of Belle and Frodo's character, I don't think they would be too quick to judge a fellow bookworm, like Frankenstein's Monster, which is the chance he deserved to be given. Plus book club with those three would be absolutely amazing!
9. In your opinion, who is the most annoying fictional character of all time?

Bella Swan. Not that I can say anything for the literary version of her character, but I've heard the on-screen Bella Swan did justice to the inability for that character to show emotion or even a personality. Twilight gets on my every nerve.
10. If you could have dinner with 3 authors - dead or alive -, who would they be?

J.K. Rowling, Oscar Wilde, and R.L. Stine. I feel like the conversation at the dinner table would be miraculously entertaining!

11. If you could tell your younger reader self-anything, what would it be?

The first thing that comes to mind is some type of writing or book advice, but really, my young reader-self didn't need any literary words of wisdom, she needed to be told that no matter what happens in life, everything will work out. Even if you're not okay today, that's okay.
12. What are your favourite literary journals, blogs, and Bookstagram?

Well, as ease of access dictates, Instagram is the first thing at my fingertips, daily, its where I catch up, keep up, and include everyone on my day to day reading habits. My blog is bi-weekly so I'm not on it as obsessively as I probably should be. I do have some favourite Instagram accounts though, that is a part of the bookstagram community! First, and this will go for the rest as well, it tends to be less of the genre or subject matter of the books, and more about the people behind the accounts. There are so many wonderful people in the bookstagram community, a few of them that have made the biggest impact with me are @wizardrylibrary @howlinglibraries and @mother.horror
13. What other book bloggers are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better book blogger?

I think Julissa, from @wizardrylibrary on Instagram, has been my biggest support and best source of confidence during almost my entire Instagram book journey. We've even started our own book club!
14. Can you please share with us the posts or photos you consider as your bookish pride and glory?

Well, one of my blog posts that I was most proud of was my review of Mary Shelley's, Frankenstein. And my favourite Instagram post was from this year, it included a black trick or treat jack o lantern, books, and my black cat. It was a turning point in my commitment to my bookstagram. It was shared on a larger accounts story and that got more traffic my way, it filled me with so much confidence that I started putting more into each post and response. P.S. Here are links to the posts:

15. Have you ever considered writing your book? If so, can we know a little about it?
I actually have been working on a number of books. Some are finished, although they need serious editorial intervention as I wrote them when I was sixteen. One, I am in the middle of rewriting/editing currently, and all of them are fantasy horror, but that's all I will say for now as I don't know which direction things are going to go with what I'm working on.
16. We would not want to appear as book nerds, but do you have other hobbies than collecting every book you love and telling the world about it?

I do! I really love photography and writing. I'm very picky and have some specific habits about my photography and even my writing, I really love how having a book blog, and an Instagram geared toward books utilizes all three of my hobbies, book, photography and writing all get to find a happy home on both of those platforms.

17. In the end, We pray that we were not silly or annoying people asking you crazy questions. Indeed, we loved having you here.
There is nothing silly, annoying, or crazy about all of these interesting questions! I am flattered to have been asked in the first place and so glad to have been able to. Thank you!

Alyssa Abbott style has a witchy gothic literary touch that you can't have enough of her posts. For more of her work, make sure to follow her social media accounts and wonderful blog.




As a reader, blogger, and book-Instagrammer-wanna-be I recommend Alyssa's works. She is so inspiring to everyone who wishes to start reading dark themed novels or have a photography advice.
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