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If you have not had enough of Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney; here is the excerpt of chapter 4.

Faces flooded his mind: Memphis, Alby, Bryd, Nyx…Emory. His family. Wasn’t he prepared to go to whatever ends it took to allow a promise of a life worth living? One without death, fear, and loss? Isn’t that what he had set off looking for in the first place? This was his only solution.
However uneasy he felt about this situation, Brokk couldn’t say no.
They knew this.
Taking a steadying breath, he stubbornly set his jaw.
“You give me your word no one I love gets hurt. This is between Adair and I. Any break of this and I’m not in the picture.”
He couldn’t give up hope. Not yet.
“Then the binding will be done.”
The one closest to him pulled out a long, curved silver knife, its teeth glinting before him. Stepping forward, she unbound his hands, in one motion grabbing his wrist and cutting the blade into his palm. By fire and flame did it sting.
Warmth spread throughout his arm as blood pooled, dripping on the floor. Uninterested in him, the group sped over to the stones, flicking his blood onto them. A gentle hiss sounded as the blood evaporated in the flames and they were extinguished, the sound accompanied by the whispers of the four in a foreign language. Petrified, Brokk took it all in. After what felt like an eternity, they finally slowed as the emerald blaze returned, crackling happily. The flame died as quickly as it came, sending them into darkness once more.
His breathed hitched. He couldn’t see a thing.
Breath lightly tickled the side of his face, his skin instantly crawling in reaction. They had surrounded him again.
“We forgot to mention one tiny…little…detail.”
He flinched back, bellowing, “FACE ME!”
Brokk roared into the darkness and was met with silence. Suddenly one candle was lit, and he was almost nose to nose with their leader. They all circled him, breathing heavily. He couldn’t look away from their eyes and undiluted fear laced through him.
His stomach dropped.
“Who are you?” The fear in his voice was hard to mask.

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