Saturday, 27 May 2017


If you have not had enough of Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney; here is the excerpt of chapter 2.

Memphis cocked his eyebrow at her. “We are the only ones left strong enough to give Adair a run for his money. We fight now for all the innocent lives he took, for shattering your parents’ legacy. We fight for them, for their love, and for our freedom.”
Emory sighed, letting his words settle in her core. Stillness seemed to suffocate them in the cell as bomb after bomb was dropped above ground. In that moment an absurd idea struck her and she bit her lip, feeling exposed. It was worth a shot—after all, how much time did any of them have?
She glanced sideways at Memphis. He looked like a carving out of marble, flawless and jagged, capturing such a unique beauty she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it.
She noticed the corners of his lips turning up as he asked, “What?”“You know what I do when I feel really stressed about something?” Emory had his full attention now. “I dance like no one is watching or ever will.”Confusion clouded his face. “Dance?”She truly beamed up at him now. “Oh Commander, seeing as we have a bit of time trapped in here with each other, do I ever have a proposition for you.”

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