Monday, 5 December 2016

Geeky Flair: Join the Assassin's Creed

"We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." ―Ezio Auditore. 
Ezio spoke those words during The ceremony marked an Assassin's passage from apprentice to a full member of the Assassin. He finally became a member of power; so what if I wanted to join? The bad truth that, no one will recruit me to join the creed which is sad but I have claimed my assassination title myself by dressing up for the whole day as sort of cosplay to work. The benefit of working in Jobzella @ The Greek Campus makes your Geekiness acceptable and moreover--noticeable. So, without the hidden blades; I took the steps out of my house. Here are the details that I love to share it with the monthly subscription service Loot Crate wants to know fans are able to sneak a bit of geekiness into their daily look and also who want to be ready for the soon to come Assassin's Creed movie. Here is how to get Jacob Frye and Evie Frye inspired look:

1. The Mystery:  A great deal of an Assassin's job is that no one gets too close to you or know what's in your head, so for this step-- put your headphone on and just turn up the music and play your favourite Assassin's Creed soundtrack. I always play my favourite Assassin's Creed trailer's soundtrack whi
ch is In The Heat Of The Moment


2. The Basics: Every outfit has basics and rules and my law for The Assassin's style is black slim fit trousers and black Top (Mine was dark red), still, either colour is accepted.

3. Accessories:

 I call this one The Mark of the Assassins. You have to wear a killer to execute it and nothing is better than the "Hidden Blade"  but for me, it was so hard to find one; so I have found myself alternative piece which is "The Mark" that I own because one of my wonderful friends aka Khaled  got me as a birthday present. I remember that walking to my office; one of my friends at work noticed the mark and told me "I know this, you are one of them; the assassin's" It was really exciting to find my other friends reacted positively to my look.

4.The shoes:
If you are going Frye, then you need flat leather boots that are made to Assassin the look. 

5.The Hoddie: 
The piece that brings the whole outfit to life, Indeed, for this essential part, I bought myself a hooded sweatshirt that can work for both Assassin and Post-apocalyptic look; either way it's a killer.

The Look is complete and ready to go. It's all about the feeling of fun and self-confidence while walking down the streets and seeing the world through  my eagle eyes. 

Always enjoy your fandom and feel free to share your Geeky Flair idea.

Disclaimer: all the used photos are from the internet search and Pinterest and I don't own any of them.
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