Friday, 11 November 2016

Writing Life + Books: The Perks of being a Content writer

The Book part:
Here are 5 recommended books for having better writing skills in both fiction and business.

The status of thing
Lately, I am not here; I am literally nowhere because of my current location every day -except weekends- is Jobzella at the AWESOME Greek Campus. *Drum roll* I am a content writer now. Finally, I had that phone call that changed my whole life. It all started on a Wednesday afternoon when I was dressing up for archery training -it is my 3rd year as an archer but this is another story-. I was dressing for the game of my dreams when my phone rang with a not-saved-number and I rarely answer them. I picked it up and I heard the voice of my current TL offering me the chance to work in the highly ranked company Jobzella and the power to call myself a real writer after all those years I have been calling myself a writer but just within the courtesy of my own bedroom. I am The Content writer.

As mysterious as it is, the content writers are the magical being of written advertising and marketing who can be rarely found. A content writers can be a sneaky creature like Gollum or a knight in shining Armour like Aragorn. Still, they belong to the world of marketing craft as they can influence and inspire readers to make a decision -like Aragorn speech at the final battle- or give a life-changing advice, or enchant you with a mailshot -devious art but needed. They usually are one of the most important elements of Marketing. 

Even as the content writer -as any protagonist- they have struggles and even get touched by the brain freeze spells and that's where the perks come to life:

1. Being a junior:
Even if I have decorated my CV with a Business degree, English -ongoing- Degree, 8 years of blogging experience and few years of the offline-real-life job; I still have ZERO experience when it comes to writing for a Business and above all career advice. I have always wanted to help people to find their own lives' calling but this was a very hard start. Adding that my TL had to travel to Germany and I was alone from my second day at work but I was not bad.

2. All the “silly” questions:
I am NEW, so I have to make sure and ask even if I know the answer. Hence I started a project and then showed it to my TL and his reaction be “Not our company policies” that’s why I have to feel free to ask all the silly questions even if it was “Should I capitalise this?”

3. SEO “What?”:
SEO according to Made by Market “is a three letter acronym short for Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine optimisation about trying to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher you make changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content. Also, it can mean getting links from other websites.” SEO can but both a cure for all of your misery or just all-hell-breaks-loose. So always use it well, use the power that invested in you to make your post pops to the top of the search by taking care of your field’s SEO.

4. The pressured times and deadlines:
So as any job writing content can have its own pressure. Maybe one of them is working so hard on something; then you have to change it because as it does not fit the current point of view or calling. Example; Jobzella is having a job fair in December so all the business advice or collected content as to be walking in the path of the Job Fair. I can get along with both and I am happy with both.

5. Creativity, creativity and more of creativity:
It is my favourite word ever but I am still junior and I get frozen or intimidated by mostly everything. Still a good search with the right -planned- research I end up coming with crazy wonderful things that even surprised that I can create.

Overall that’s my current feelings; I love my new job as it has both my passion for writing and Marketing. Don’t fear content writing as it is fun to write and inspire the world to find their dreams, make money or get that power to pass and interview. I have real magic and power now.

P.S. If you are in whichever place in the world and looking for a job; use Jobzella the most wonderful Job Search engine in this world. It’s as cool as Captain Nemo’s ship.

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