Saturday, 12 November 2016

Geeky Flair: The day I became "The Doctor"

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that I am a BIG fan of Doctor Who, and I am proud of this fact"

I'm always up to trying to find some life changes. As a fan of pop culture, I try to add my geeky style to work to my work. My choices are always crazy and my top favourite choice that always makes me feel like gold is Doctor Who. It's perfectly fine to dress up to bring your personality to the top. That would make you feel confident and full of life. Back in 2013,  I was introduced to Doctor who by luck. It was the astonishing night of the 50th anniversary and since that day I call myself a fan. Since then I dream of his invitation to reverse the polarity of the dimensions. Upon request by the monthly subscription service Loot Crate who wanted to know how fans can be able to sneak into geekiness with their daily look. I decided to speak up and tell the world how I managed to go to work as The 11th Doctor. It is time to turn your wardrobe upside down and get The Doctor's look.

1. The attitude: I've been called crazy, wired and nerd. So this was already checked away of my list. Remember that the most important thing is the 11th excitement and using Geronimo in all the suitable occasions.

2. The sonic screwdriver:
Unless you want the style to go wrong, you must have one. 
I wonder if I had run a scan over my previous boss;? Would she had been a Dalek? Who Knows?

3. The shabby Blazer/Coat:  He is either be dressed in a coat or in his daily tweed Jacket. It's just part of his personality and regeneration. You must land that nerdy and old style looks perfectly. That's I have got one myself, which I've previously crossed over with my librarian look. 

4. The stripes/Utah shirt:
Not so hard to find because most of us have classic shirts. To purchase it try the basics or classic section at any well-known fashion brand. I've got mine at Marks and Spencer. 

5. The raggedy trouser: 
The wonderful fact is that you can find yourself a classic skinny trouser or just follow my lead and just cuff your jeans to the boyfriend style. Make sure it's barely touching your shoes.

6. The Oxford shoes-boots-:
When I hunted myself Oxford shoes --spontaneously I ask for "The Doctor's shoes". I remember that the salesman thought that I was looking for medical crooks which are nothing like having the neatest and most comfortable shoes ever. Adding I could not have become the doctor without wearing my Oxford boots.

7. Bow ties are cool: 
The Doctor's bow tie reflects his moments of actions and wisdom. Especially when he fixes it before any big event. I did not find myself one, but better I've found a silk lace which I've learned to tie it as a bow tie using "How to Tie a Bow Tie | The Art of Manliness" which worked for me like magic.

8. The  TARDIS:
The Doctor is nothing without his TARDIS. I used the TARDIS 3D Live Wallpaper which is a true joy because you can play with the taking off sounds and landing. I worked the sounds whenever entering or leaving a room.

Even if it was a very formal work day. I turned it into
A joyful Cosplay. Sadly, no one noticed except other fans. I remember that day to be excited and full of joy. Indeed, I will never forget the day when the doctor was me.

Disclaimer: All the used photos are from the internet search and Pinterest and I don't own any of them.
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