Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spotlight: (Author) Jim Gaven

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. Today I am having the children's author and educator from Hamilton  Jim Garven under the spotlight. Indeed,  I've him asked about which one of his writings is closest to his heart; I know you can never ask an author to choose between their books because it's like choosing who's your favorite child among your kids but still, he answered;

The top five books Jim has written can be found here: (all 6 books on the bottom of the homepage)

1) Making Musical Melodies (alliteration book about music): 

2) Oh Ocean, Our Ocean (alliterations book about the ocean): 

3) Just Like You and Me (children's book about special needs): 

4) Friends Find Fun For Food (alliterations book about food): 

5) Remember, I Love You (baby bedtime book about love):

6) I Love... (another baby bedtime book about love): 

But speaking of his favorite authors/books; he said;

  1. Anything by Mitch Albom,
  2. The Purpose Driven Life,
  3. The four hour work week, 
  4. and Rich Dad Poor Dad.  

About the Author   (Through his own words)

My name is Jim Gaven and I am a children's author and educator from Hamilton, NJ. I love what you do to positively influence the next generation through your blogs about children's books. Being in the human services field myself at Allies, Inc. (, a non-profit organization who supports and serves people with developmental and physical disabilities to lead more fulfilling, independent lives, I truly appreciate all of the time and energy that goes into making a difference in the lives of those you teach on a daily basis. With that said, I've been creating as many music activities and songs to use as teaching tools for children (Pre-K at Step Ahead in Trenton) as well as teenagers and adults with special needs (at the Arc Mercer, and now at Allies) over the past 6 years. I'd love to share with you a link to a store I created as an educator to teach life skills as well as learn about instruments through songs and activities which you are more than welcome to peruse and share with anyone whom you feel would benefit from using music as a teaching tool:

In addition to the links above, here is a website I created for the children's books I've written (3 about alliterations, and 2 bedtime stories:  I believe the ones about alliterations, as it is now a 3 part series, would be perfect for children as they talk about: 

1.  Food (Friends Find Fun For Food--available on Kindle and Amazon, published by Publish America, now, America StarBooks): 

2. Music (Making Musical Melodies-also available on Kindle and Amazon, published by Publish America, now, America StarBooks): 

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