Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hello September: Welcome to Hogwarts

It been like 500 days of August and we have been away from our beloved Hogwarts. Today is September the 1st meaning Hello Hogwarts Express and good bye to hour normal boring lives
For those in the first year; I hope you have your letters with you and please enter 9 3/4 peacefully

Now we are at the station and the train is taking us home

Now to the first year student enjoy the sorting ceremony

Happy 1st of September.

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  1. I just love September. My favorite month because of Hogwarts and my birthday is in the 16th of September. About Harry Potter; tonight I will be reading the first book of the series again because it never gets old or boring. I am back to Hogwarts.

    1. I usually do a re-read but I am so behind on so many things. Have to find a way to sneak it in. Happy early birthday!!

    2. Same here but this time I want to take it easily and enjoy reading the books like if it's my first time reading them (It will be my first in English; always had them in Arabic).

      Thank you so much :D .


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