Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Book Review: A Halloween Scare at My House: Prepare If You Dare by Eric James ( Author), Marina Le Ray (Illustrations)

A Halloween Scare at My House: Prepare If You Dare
by Eric James ( Author), Marina Le Ray (Illustrations)

A fun and funny Halloween romp for children and parents alike!

It's Halloween night, and creatures and critters from near and far are starting to gather outside the front door. And now here comes a whole army of monsters, on broomsticks, buses, and bikes, all clamoring in the darkness. What is it they want? Are they coming for you?

This humorous, creative story is the perfect Halloween adventure for children and parents to share. 

My thoughts:
I just loved it. I have been a Halloween fan since I was a little girl and still a fan. I rarely read picture books but because of  A Halloween Scare at My House I will be reading more pictures books because as I got older I forgot how amazing pictures can be and can speak thousands words. 

The book is about a little boy sleeping in his bed during Halloween and suddenly he hears strange noise out side his room, he is really scared of Halloween night as the monsters walk on earth freely but at the end you will find a great deal about fear ;) ... 

First: Thanks for the publisher for my ARC. I am so buying a finished copy. 

Second: I love the illustrations of the book  as thy were perfect.  The illustrator is so talented with details and colors.

Third: This is not the 3rd of all but the 3rd point because the way the story is written can make me sing it as a nursery song or spooky Halloween song. Yes, the book rhyme which gives it a touch of FUN.

I have many favorite lines of the book (I love the whole book):


I don't want to spoil the book for you, please go and buy it right now. Enjoy the Halloween spook.
 Rating 5/5
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  1. I wish I had someone at this age range, I miss sharing all of these picture books. Halloween ones are the best.

    1. True. I just love Halloween picture books. I run the primary school Reading Club so we are having this for Halloween and I hope they can dress up and read with me.


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