Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reading is Love and I wonder what I love?

This post if originally inspired by my amazing friend Cindy @ Draumr Kópa indeed Cindy is a wonderful blogger and she loves all things Fantasy which I am into but for her she has her blog focused upon Fantasy.
I wish if I can be that focused but when I asked her an advice she told me 

"You have to do whatever you love best, that's the most important thing!" 
So, I decided to go through a journey inside my head and see where my loyalty lies.Here we go...
Beginning of the beginnings there were
Classical books:
Classical are the books pre classics which some of books like Greek Mythology, Northern Mythology,
Beowulf and etc books of the ancient ages... Do I enjoy reading them?
Indeed I am in love with myth since I can remember because it's educational and entertaining; I can have both just with a classical book.

My answer is I would be gladly to fall in love with a Classical book over and over again and the retellings of classical books are wonderful too. Classic Books:
For me those are period drama on pages so what's not to love? 
When I hold a classic book my soul never remain the same for classics change us as the time never changed them; classics are the ocean with high wavies of wisdom and I would never turn down a classic book.
Adult books: The term adult itself drives me away but hen I remember that the characters of my all time favorite novels -Lord of the rings- are adults; I be like bring one the novels.

-When it come to adult books there are few books I can trust such as:
Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Fantasy = why don't you just type the phrase historical+other word and bring me a book?
-Also Fantasy (which also adding any word right next to it would make a perfect read for me). -Science Fiction is something rare for me to do but Time traveling and Steampunk are Sci-Fi so I will be doing it my way.

-I have deep hate for erotica.
Young Adult books: I read those and lots of them; I just devore them because YA is the best year of a human's life back when everything was heightened and the person looking for themselves which caring for nothing more.
I hate magicless contemporary romance which is just about a love story in the modern world; makes me sick :/ .
Middle Grade books:
Those makes me excited; SUPER EXCITED. I would never ever get tired of Middle Grade book. I read any MG even the cheesiest chick lit.
Children Books: They makes me happy too; so whenever I am bored I love reading those.

Closer:Indeed all the genre that is connecting them all is Fantasy/Sci-Fi with its sub genres.I think Paranormal, Vampires, Dystopian, Time Traveling, Steampunk, High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and etc. are bind to the word Fantasy so I do adore every and anything Fantasy no matter the gener.
So I am only review books of any age Group but please make sure it's Fantasy...1-Children and MG authors/publisher I am glad to accept any book you offers.
2-YA authors/publisher I only accept  Fantasy/Sci-Fi with its sub genres, Paranormal, Historical theme books and Dystopian.3-Adult novels goes the same as the YA but rarely accepting Urban Fantasy.

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