Saturday, 27 July 2013

Just to clear my head

I am writing this post just aiming to clear my head of some thought such as;

What do I even love to read?I think the answer will be too many I can not even count. I think my heart goes on and on to Young Adult and Middle Grade books especially fantasy which makes the heart melt, My question for you; have you read an MG book lately? If you have then you must. Why? Because even the sweetest book can be deep as an old classic or entertaining as a film. I think we need to pay attention to more of our books, listen to them for they are calling us to read them and more over when you be at a bookstore listen to the new genres calling you “Try us, please”.

Did a new Genre called me?
Yes, I have been heard my call, more books beyond YA & MG; the adult books called and I should answer but not all of them shall be answered for I still have few favorites but I found out that I am into some Historical romance, while few Urban Fantasy of them are indeed good, I am in love with High or Epic Fantasy among them, Historical fiction can rule my kingdom any day it wish, Steampunk is the art of life and some Sci-Fi would not hurt but no Erotic deary for I am a lady of romance not pure lust.
What shall happen to the classics?If I am going after the one thing that can ROCK MY WORLD then it’s Classics; classics can changes us in a way we can never explain they are like darkness and light which bind us deep inside while touching our souls is a must. Classics are like the ocean vicious deep but still full with beauty. I am always looking forward the next classic I find.

Are you even going to review what you read or finish a full book?I have came to realize that the amount I read monthly is not what can bring me joy but reading a book slowly and gently is better than hundred I do in a hurry so YES, I shall be reading more but need an inspiration to write my reviews.

Does this blog have a main Genre?The answer is Yes and No for it’s changing as the winds upon the seas. May be each month my blog shall have a theme adding I have many changing reading mood so It might be YA & MG for a month then Fantasy or Classics for the next. Madness is mine as you see ;) .

Now, I just wish to thank blogger who are really inspiring me:
Thank you everyone and thanks for hearing my crazy random words.
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