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Guest Post : Joel T. McGrath

Joel T. McGrath the author of Shrouded Secrets Chronicles

Joel T. McGrathAbout :
Joel T. McGrath resides in New Hampshire with his beautiful wife, Jessica, their two cats, Chance and Mittens, and two gerbils, Scurry and Scamper. He is the eighth of nine children and currently enjoys a career of nursing. He graduated from Virginia Western in 2003 and always looks forward to whatever life throws his way. He began writing because he had stories to tell that were in contrast from the mainstream books that crowd the bookshelves. With his book Shrouded Secrets, he dared to produce a work that would kindle the imagination, as well as entice and challenge the reader's intelligence.

Here is the guest Post:
First, I want to thank Nevey for reviewing Shrouded Secrets and for allowing me to post a little about the book. I’ve never been someone who aspired to write a novel; it just kind of happened. I’m a nurse by trade, but when I was in a bad car accident, I had some time to discover this story, which is something that I never would have ordinarily been able to do if life hadn’t gotten in the way.

I’ve been asked by others to describe what Shrouded Secrets represents to me personally, but I don’t really like saying what it absolutely is because so much in our world is perception, and almost nothing is ever absolute at all. One thing that it’s not, is a generic story in any way. I crafted it so that a thousand people could read it and all of them come away with their own slightly different view of the book. Because let’s face it, we all live in the same world, yet we view it very differently at times, but that doesn’t mean we live in physically different worlds.

Shrouded Secrets contains a healthy dose of realism; however, it’s not so heavy handed that a person couldn’t just enjoy it as a simple, whimsical tale. The novel is deep for those who enjoy deeper meanings, and it’s simple for those who just want an entertaining piece of literature to read. I feel like it’s a buffet really because there’s action and adventure, as well as a little bit of romance and mystery. I wrote very purposely in this respect because we are not one-dimensional beings by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, I stretched the limits of my imagination to encompass a story that was as big as your brain will allow you to imagine, while striking a balance with the real world and our sometimes-confusing existence that we call life.

Shrouded Secrets is my debut novel, and I guarantee that by the time the reader is done with my book, they will know what Shrouded Secrets represents. Though I’ve already written a sequel to it, fear not because the first book has a total ending that won’t leave anyone disappointed. I want people to be able to walk away from this book thinking that the story is over if they so choose. The ending has gotten the most praise thus far, and that makes me feel like people are satisfied with the character and story resolution.

A second novel, The Striker’s Harvest, and third, Dwellers of Sheol ,is planned in the series, but much of that depends on whether people enjoy what I’ve created and want more of it. Each of the novels has a distinctly different story without sacrificing continuity or the character’s development as you and they progress through the novel. You’ll never get the sense that you’re reading the same old thing over and over again, but you will feel like you’re reunited with friends you both love and people that you love to hate.
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  1. wonderfull!! I would like that someone would write about me elsewhere!! keep up the good work darling!!

    1. Joel's novels are wonderful. I am reading book one :)you must try them :) ...

  2. Thanks Joel; that's an honor to hear that :) .


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