Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fictional Friday (Week 4)

I started it after  I have posted about My Favorite Fictional Characters of all times I decided to start today's new MEME Fictional Friday which is hosted by Le Vanity Victorienne...

Fictional Friday:
  It's about our favorite fictional character >>>
-Why you love them? -What have you learn from them? -If we could ask them from one to three question what it shall be?
For this week I would love this week to meet  Albus Dumbledore my favorite wizard of all time...

Why do I love professor Dumbledore?
Because he is one of the most wise and powerful wizards of all time, he is an honorable man and fear for the safety of others before himself. I forgive whatever he done. I shall respect him until the day I die.

 -What have you learn from them?
Knowledge is not ever thing also the safety of others is a must,

-If I can ask him from one to three question what it shall be?
1.How to be a good witch?
2. Will he ever accept me as a History of Magic teacher at Hogwarts?
3.How does it feel to be a headmaster of the most wonderful school of magic?
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