Friday, 14 December 2012

Fictional Friday (5)

I started it after  I have posted about My Favorite Fictional Characters of all times I decided to start today's new MEME Fictional Friday which is hosted by Le Vanity Victorienne...

Fictional Friday:
  It's about our favorite fictional character;
-Why you love them?
-What have you learn from them? 
-If we could ask them from one to three question what it shall be?

 This week I would love to choose Oliver Queen or as know as The Green Arrow
My favorite is the one from The CW's TV series ARROW
played by Stephen Amell

-Why I love him?
Where do I start? Oliver deep exchange makes him one of the most strong characters on the screen. His love for his family is endless which is a strong spot in his character but still not all his personal issues effect him as THE ARROW. He is wonderful in dates but only the island changed ;) .

-What have I learnt from him? 
You don't have to be a murderer to revenge, respect the memory of the dead even if I have to damage it in public but still in my heart the truth lies within my heart, family first and forgiveness can be done.
Winning a fight is not the answer; the wise who wins the battle.

-If I can ask him from one to three question what it shall be? 
1.What really happened on this island? 
2. How he lives with his memories every day?
3. If he would love to go out on a date with me? (I am a dreamer).

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