Wednesday, 14 November 2012

To write or not to write; this is the question? (Madness of a bard)

In matter of fact I shall begin with such absurd beginning, may be who came before me began with it. Who am I to think that I own absurd beginnings?
In fact I don't know where to begin at all so lets get into the corre -Not WWE realted- or better the heart of things. Finally I started my English major -not what I dreamed of- I better call it a Grammar major; for Grammar is the art of learning the language, words and putting them together to create deeper bigger meaning or to express yourself" I began to learn the essence of English and loving it. Which takes me to the fact it's the beginning of my writing journey. I still feel that my soul is not whole, why so my dearest? Because I am missing the arts of Literature and poetry. I stopped read which is as far as I know the worst cures of them all -internet comes on the thorn of curses; which is another story for another time-.
I miss being inspired to write light. I miss the fights between my characters and living withing fiction is God's greatest gift to me and for it I am thankful -Thank you God-.

From now on I am restarting my my life; I am asking God to help me to achieve my wildest dream which is to be as good as Tolkien and as famous as Rowling and as loved as world peace.

My current plans -may God make me fulfill them-:
 -Study hard for it better grades, better life and happy Nevey.
-Learning formal English -I have no idea how? so if you now please illuminate me-
- I started read The Hobbit before the film comes along and with it I forget to read -as I say  read the novel before watching the film-.
- I shall finish all my unfinished reading.
- I shall write daily -even few lines-.
-I have a project which is coming so soon -interviewing My FRIENDS that inspired me in life-.

That's all for now. See you sooner than later.

P.S. To be continued...
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