Sunday, 16 October 2011

In My Mail Box (26)

In My Mail Box is a cute MEME started by The Story Siren and I adore following it.

I have got three books In My Mail Box this week and each one has a different story; let's hear them.
1.Far From War by Jeffrey David Payne.
2. WereWrold: Rise of Wolf by  Curtis Jobling.
3.The Death of Yorik Mortwell by Stephen Messer.

Now Let's See...

The story behind  WereWrold: Rise of Wolf by  Curtis Jobling;
I have entered the ARC contest at Destination Elsewhere and even that I live in Egypt the Penguin Teen people were so nice to me and they sent me a lovely copy with the cover I adore even if some that got the book said it's comicish and a Destination Elsewhere Bookmark .
Thanks Penguin Teen...

The green cover and the paper back cover

The story behind The Death of Yorik Mortwell by Stephen Messer.
Stephen is one of my amazing Facebook friend and a great author. Once he go his box of books from Random House Children; I asked him for a copy and he was so amazing to sign me a copy and send it *I called it my early birthday gift as he sent it by the 14th of September*.

The signature of Mr.Messer 

I on't have better picture sorry

The Story behind  Far From War by Jeffrey David Payne.
That the publisher contacted me about there new Historical fiction novel & I said YES. I can never say no to history.

I also won The Poison Diaries Goodies
I will plant the Rose seeds

I have forgot to post about author's  swag when she sent me her books, also her sent me many of her beautiful business cards and a letter to tell me the reading order of her 15 books.

The Letter 

From NetGalley
The Vampire Mystery (Boxcar Children Mysteries)The Merchant's Daughter 

The Merchant’s Daughter by  
The Vampire Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner (Illustrator) 

This is what I have got In Mail Box this week; I wonder what you guys got?
Remember to click on the photos to see the original size.

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  1. Oh wow, so many great books! And SO awesome that he sent you a signed copy!!

    BTW, I LOVE your blog header.. gorgeous!

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  2. Boxcar Children! So cool. The Wereworld book looks good too.
    My IMM

  3. Cool IMM set :D I love letters, they're so personal and awesome, right? xD~

    My IMM

  4. Letters can kick e-mails any time they want to; indeed I love letters a lot and wedding invitation must be letters.

  5. Great mailbox! I haven't heard of the books you listed, but I'm definitely going to check them out. :) Very awesome for Penguin to send them to you!


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