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B.K. Bostick The middle grade author of  Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure; has contacted me for a good cause that is;

He is still searching for bloggers who may be willing to help him to promote an event for a special twelve year old neighbor of his. Her name is Alyssa and she is suffering from a Meningioma brain tumor.  B.K. Bostick is going to donating 100% of his royalties from all pre orders and sales during Oct. 1-16 to Alyssa's family.

I am so Happy to promote the event because I hate seeing a little sweet girl suffer.

You can find more over HERE

More about B.K. Bostick: (Book Trailer)
In addition,B.K. willing to mail a replicated gold coin and bookmark to each of my followers who "like" my author page on facebook (U.S. only).

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