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Classics Circuit.: Gothic Literature Tour

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The end-of-October tour will be celebrating the “original” gothic novels, those written during the Romantic era.
I’m defining the era as pre-1840. The following information may give you an idea where to begin as you search for what work you’d like to read for the tour.  You may also want to read the LitGothic page for some additional ideas. Some people may also be interested in the gothic novels that Catherine Moreland references in Austen’s Northanger Abbey. You can find some information about those novels here.
Keep in mind that although the literary gothic extends to present day, we’re only counting books or stories written before 1840 for this current tour.
Other than the year written guideline, I don’t want to be too picky: if the work you want to read is not on this list but if you think it fits the gothic tradition, then go ahead and select it!

I am going to join the tour with;

The Vampyre by John Polidori (1819). The first vampire story, and only 30-35 pages long…

The Vampyre: And Other Tales of the Macabre (Oxford World's Classics)

The Vampyre: And Other Tales of the Macabre (Oxford World's Classics) by

John Polidori's classic tale "The Vampyre"(1819), was a product of the same ghost-story competition that produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The present volume selects thirteen other tales of mystery and the macabre, including the works of James Hogg, J.S. LeFanu, Letitia Landon, Edward Bulwer, and William Carelton. The introduction surveys the genesis and influence of "The Vampyre" and its central themes and techniques, while the Appendices contain material closely associated with its composition and publication, including Lord Byron's prose fragment "Augustus Darvell."

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