Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White Vs. Snow White and the Huntsman

I feel it's so strange to have 2 snow whites in the same year; both will be diffrent of course but still strange.

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White 


Lily Collins Lily Collins ... Snow White
Sean Bean Sean Bean ... The King
Julia Roberts Julia Roberts ... Evil Queen
Armie Hammer Armie Hammer ... Prince Andrew Alcott

Snow White and the Huntsman


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart ...
Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth ...
Charlize Theron Charlize Theron ...

Both are coming 2012 but which one are you really excited for???
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  1. I can't wait for both of them...

  2. wow.. just by the pictures... i'm looking forward to the second... i like that dark look with the vague joan of ark concept :D


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