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The MIS-Adventures of Phillip Isaac Penn by Donna L. Peterson


-Title: The MIS-Adventures of Phillip Isaac Penn
- Series: None
 -Author: Donna L. Peterson
-Release Date: June 14th 2011                                             -Age Group: 8 to 12 & Parents
-Publisher: Cedar Fort
-Source: ARC from NetGalley
-Rating:  5 /5 

About the book:
Everybody calls Phillip Isaac Penn, Pip. And usually they yell it at the top of their lungs. Sure he might forget to close the classroom mice’s cage door, or leave his mother’s hair dryer in bathtub (hey, it’s unplugged), and he might even make it so that Liar Lizzy gets caught, but that doesn’t make him bad. It’s just not easy being a kid.

My Review;
"Very enjoyable and educational book not just for children but also for parents."

-This book is about a whole week with a kid named Phillip Isaac Penn or PIP & the troubles around him that he always get blamed for even if 5% of them are not his mistake.

-When I was as PIP's age I felt like him; that every little creativity or little spontaneous act of mine turns to be a huge problem. Adults can put a lot of pressure upon children without knowing that guiding your childe is better than just blaming them.

-PIP is so much innocent character even if he has unexpected acts but still lovely; he used his intelligent mind into getting out of bullies.

-I loved when PIP got an emotional reward because it works with children better as they start to think responsible & change themselves from inside-out.

-May be childhood seams so dark & adults seams evil most of the time but childhood is the best time of any human's life. Thanks Donna for reminding me of this.

-The questions at the last 2 pages are wonderful; I enjoyed answering them and I wish if I had a child to make him/her tell me what's really inside their mind.

-Over all I do love this book and I would read it over and over again because it made me a better parent already.

About the author:
Donna Peterson has enjoyed writing stories and poetry since the second grade. She has been published four times in the Idaho Magazine; wrote a weekly humor column, “Kaleidoscope,” for the Three Rivers Chronicle; and she continues to write short stories for the children at Park Intermediate School, where she has been employed for the past twelve years. Two years ago, Donna took a children’s literature class, which inspired her to finally publish her own stories.
Donna lives in Weiser, Idaho, with her husband, Brad, and her three-legged cat, Sam. Her son, Erik and his lovely wife, Shawna, live in Murray, Utah. Her other son, David, will be attending college in Japan next fall.

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  2. Thanks so much.

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