Wednesday, 6 April 2011

R.I.P My Sea Turtle TOTA

Today at 3am my baby beloved sea turtle TOTA died at the age of one year and 3 month. She was the cutest and loveliest ever; I shall never forget my little one.
I remember her bright eyes but now death have taken her away from me; she was my rose and tiny heart. REST IN PEACE my TOTA.

Photos before her death;

I have photo of her dead body but I am not going to post it; it just making me cry.

Good bye my sweet little baby...

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  1. Poor dear! I hate to hear that. Do you know why she died? :(

  2. I know. She was the cutest.

    She got so sick and too many medicen and yesterday when I was moving her; I hit her head and that really ended her. She took 4h to die.

    P.S. She was born to a sick mother and she was also sick but she only lived 5 month of her life healthy and I remember when my baby used to eat, swim and hit the other boys to get her own food. :(

  3. Aww... Poor little thing! Well, at least she isn't suffering anymore, right?

  4. I know but I have sweet memories with her; I have awlays said the best thing is when the mother is holding her baby and touching there claws.

    She was storng and a survivor baby.

    Her brothers and one sister are sick but I am trying my best with them and I hope they have better fate than TOTA's...


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