Friday, 15 April 2011

Fictional Friday (Week 3)

I started it after  I have posted about My Favorite Fictional Characters of all times I decided to start today's new MEME Fictional Friday...

Fictional Friday:
IT's about our favorite fictional character >>>
-Why you love them? -What have you learnt from them? -If we could ask them from one to three question what it shall be?

My first pick is; 
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling

Why do I love him???
Because he is Harry Potter aka the most lovely loyal character ever.

What have I learnt from him?
I can never give up and live in sadness forever and it's wonderful to be the chosen one ;) .

If I could ask them from one to three question what it shall be? 
I will ask him one question;
How did you over came your family's death?
How did you over came Hedwig's death?

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  1. I love Harry Potter too! I was lucky enough to visit Hogwarts in Universal Studios last month. It was very cool :)

  2. I adore Harry Potter so much.
    I hope you had fun there; did you meet the cast?

  3. I love it and I think I will be posting that on my blog from now on God Willing!!


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