Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Gothic Closer Look

What really inspired me to write this post is because I am officially Vegetarian who eats eges and drinks milk :) .I wish some one could kill my youngest sister Samaa who is singing and I can't hear my inner voice because she is singing evil cartoon songs -will any one please shoot her in the head?- I am not violent but she is driving me mad.
Now back to the main course of tonight which is the new defination of my soul; may be my name is Nevey and I am 23 but still this is not in the closer look. I am Gothic -which is not bad because I don't worship Satian or Drink blood- I am a sweet peacful Vegetarian and animals' lover.

Goth is not always meant to be evil like every parent thinks; indeed  Gothic  is architecture is a style of architecture that flourished during the high and late medieval period. Then it's not a bad thing. It's also a style of writing which represent the 1900s when they were in love with the supernatural and discovering the sadness of the world, so this means Poe and Dkines are GOTHIC? Yes, they are.

No all Goth is awful; I am a Victorian Goth+Romantic+Medieval+Nevey's style of goth. I must admit that I am mostly Victorian as for this I love poetry, calsscial music, Classical Novels, Gothic Books, Books, Reading, Writing, Vampires, Operatic music is the food of my sou and Ballet is the most artisit thing in my life. See I am all get intouch with the beauty of this world. I am not evil or dressed in all black for the greater bad; I dress in black because it's the colore of the peacful night when all souls upon this earth sleeps while I be awake to enjoy the beauty of this life.

Types of Goth can be found here

* Mr. Merlyn Manson is a pretender who knows nothing about Gothic is suppose to be about Beauty and Classy.

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  1. I really did. I don't know if you meant it to be funny but I giggled throughout reading it. I couldn't help but laugh because my mum has this fear of me turning into a goth and 'blood drinker and satan worshiper' just about fits her stereotypical view of them. Mind you, if you gave her a white fluffy bunny she would see something 'dark' about it lol, she's just wired that way :-) (think I would probably fit under the 'victorian' heading) :)

  2. I meant to be funny and make it easy to read plus having fun -see perents Goth girls are cute-.

    I love being Goth; all my friends are trying to make me wear colors but it runs in my blood. I adore being Goth but with my own classy rules.

    I am glad you liked it & so happy to meat another Victorian Goth.

    P.S. My parents were agnist black and dark clothes so I took it step by step until now I am all dark.


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