Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Comics Contest

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  1. haha yes I'm addicted to this show :p. Actually the castle of Camelot in Merlin is in France (my country) so I planned to go there with a friend i'm a total nerd ^^.
    I'm so happy there is going to be a season four !

    Acttually Merlin the complete guide is a little book about the characters, episods of theshow, imagery of the cast and locations, there is also some maps and spells from the spell book of Merlin it's pretty fun I love it :). And it's not very expensive if you want to buy it !

    Haha we should definitly be best friends I've just seen the quote about Poe on your blog I've just the same at the same place on mine ^^. You're a Poe fan too?
    Have you read Nevermore by Kelly Creagh? It's a YA book and if you like Poe you'll love it !

    By the way i'm now your new follower on your blog :). And I think we're already friends on goodreads (i'm ifmary on goodreads as well).

    I hope we'll talk more soon !

  2. I have just seen your comment.

    I am a big fan of the show and I wish it could las forever.

    I love Nevermore; it's a book with POE poem's title; I adore POEand he is my idol. I hope we chat soon...


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