Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Maltese Mummy (Chicagoland Detective Agency Book #2)

-Title: #02 the Maltese Mummy (Chicagoland Detective Agency) - -Series: Chicagoland Detective Agency
-Author:  Trina Robbins (Author), Tyler Page (Illustrator)
-Release Date:  April 28th 2011
-Age Group: 8 to 18
-Publisher: Graphic Universe
-Rating: 5/5
-About the book *Good Reads* 
A friend has vanished, a mummy's amulet is missing, and there's a weirdo out there looking for human brains and hearts. The Chicagoland Detective Agency—run by Megan, Raf, and his talking dog Bradley—have more than enough cases on their hands (and paws). But Megan's too busy for private-detecting. Her haikus have won her tickets to meet drop-dead gorgeous rock star Sun D'Arc. Raf is sure that Sun is too good not to really be bad. He must be involved in one of their cases. But which one?

My Review;
Anther Egyptian related book...
I really enjoied it. I am not a big fan of comices but this one was so wonderful to read. I love the main characters so much. You also get to lear that you don't need too many Popular friends to make you feel good becuase you already have your best friends around of you; even if one of them if a tlking dog who reads alot :) ...
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