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The Cries Of Vampira (The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf #1) by Sean H. Robertson

-Title: The Cries Of Vampira (The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf, #1)
- Series: The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf #1
 -Author: Sean H. Robertson
-Release Date: Published November 2nd 2010 by CreateSpace (first published 2010)
-Age Group: Adults
-Publisher: CreateSpace
-Source: Copy sent by the author.
-Rating:  4 /5 
-About the Book *GoodReads*
FREE .PDF version download >> After this book reached 297 to-read lists, I decided to donate 5 cents to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for EVERY new to-read list add (591 now). Now YOU can save lives without giving money! $31 has been raised/donated so far! Will you please add this book to your to read-list now & help my global suicide prevention cause?"

Princess Kristin, Princess Kylie and Prince Kolbe Robertson are Triplet Teen Assassin Vampires. Their royal family, the Robertson Clan, occupied the throne of Scotland during the 11th and 12th centuries. Their peaceful homeland of Vampira is under daily attack from the evil Alpha Werewolf Gaad Grey and his horde of Grey Wolves, who seek to decimate the Vampire species and enslave humanity as well.

You'll love this fast-paced, dark-horror, suspenseful and mildly romantic novella SERIES of how these Vampire teens must overcome crisis, bloodshed and emotional distress to bring peace to their world, as they sacrifice their lives for their love of others. Written predominantly for today's teen generation which must endure crisis, peer pressure and obscene/profane environments. The latter books go deeper in the history of this saga & everything is NOT as it seems in this series.

The author, Sean H. Robertson, is donating TEN PERCENT of his royalties for the entire "Cries of Vampira" book saga to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, because as their slogan says, "With Help Comes Hope."

-My Review:
Such an Epical Book.

 The Cries Of Vampira; the name itself makes you feel the sorrow and pain of a peaceful city. City that all her people are vampire but kind & respectable; the kind I would live among until my death & for sure werewolves are the evil villains –which I totally agree; werewolves are so massy-  .
Sean really did a great job with this book. Amazing character that even the smallest detail can make you touch their souls, sometimes I wished if he change something but as I read more; I feel he did it so right. I would not change a thing.
I would love to say;

-Dove; I did not expected it from you, your name made me feel that you are an angel but you turned to be an angelic devil.

-This part really made the teares fall ike a river;

  "Kristin begins to realize that the lair cave has been emptied of Grey Wolves. She’s trapped in a ten-foot pit covered by large metal beams. As nasty black rats begin to squeak as they crawl closer towards her, trying to nip at her feet, for the first time in her young life, she feels totally helpless, mentally broken, and uncharacteristi¬cally terrified. Princess Kristin sheds tears of fright for the first time ever as she screams out in the most heart-wrenching cry of her life, “Help me! Someone, please help me!”"

I belive it's so hard to break someone like her; she is my favorite character so far.
Over sll the story needed to be a BIG novel. I must admit it has not been the flawless but I can live with that.
The Cries of Vampira is a book either to love or hate and I chose to love.
I can't wait for part 2...

P.S. Vampira is my vampire's name...

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