Friday, 4 February 2011

Currently Reading (Week 1)

As it's friday I would love to share what I am currently reading; this week I am reading

Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid (book 1) by Rick Riordan

Frome the author's website;
#1 New York Times bestseller
Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.
One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.
Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set--has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

This is such an amazing book; I am in page 150 and can't wait to read more of. The idea of Ancient Egytpain Gods going around the place using there magic & having Egyptian Magical roots made me want to read more about my history; I found out the school History was not Good enought, EGYPTIAN history can be so much fun. Now they mad me want to visit the Egyptian musem but I remembered that the place all around it is buring :( . I hope my Egypt be fine and untill then I will just keep reading this wonderful book...

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