Thursday, 10 February 2011

Booklet Thursday (Week 2)

Booklet Thursday is a new MEME hosted and created by myself aka Nevey @ Le Vanity Victorienne and with the help of my sweet friend Kate from The Never Ending BookShelf

Booklet Thursday is about our history with books. Starting from seeing the cover of that book, story on buying or getting that book, how the books's characters effected you and all about you and the characters effects on your mind and feelings, why you even bought? or if you have a funny story behind it; please share it with us.Well all just have a story with a Book rither Happy, Sad or Funny...

My today's pick is

Give Me Five (The Princess Diaries, #5) by Meg Cabot


This is one of the books I am really planning to read as an opening up for cute Chick lit but my real story with this book started in a hot summer's day when I called one of my friends asking her if she got any MG book or even Cute books that I can borrow; she told me she bought some used books from the British embassy Book Fair....
                After two days she came to have lunch with me and she gave me that cute book that I totally ignored for weeks because of my bad fear of Chick Lit –I thought it bites-
On the first pages I found a letter to the previous owner, Sarika.

Dear Sarika,
Wish you a wonderful birthday filled with many happy memories!
Hope your day will be filled with fun and happiness … Happy Birthday

Best Wishes;
Love your nanny Mandy.
16 Sept 2003

The date stroke  me because me and Sarika shared the same birthday; how odd you and the previous owner of a book that you now own share the same birthday. It's some strange and  spiritual; like if the book meant also for me as a gift for me because I had to keep the book forever. But unlike Sarika; I will never give up upon that book….

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