Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Writing Advice by Michelle Zink

As this is my writing week -I think it will be more than one week- & I want to writing a Gothic Fantasy so I asked the once who knows better about Gothic Fantasy aka Michelle Zink. Here is what she said:

1st. what is your writing advice on writing a Gothic Fantasy book?

First and foremost you should try to read books in the genre. Pay attention to the things that bring atmosphere to a book, because no other book is as much about atmosphere as the Gothic. I try to focus on

the sensory aspects of the world I'm building. The rustle of fabric, the wind in the trees, branches banging against the windows, candlelight flickering against old wallpaper. Even in bright sunlight, a Gothic is all

about foreboding, and that feeling, that feeling that something is coming, can be alluded to and built by using sensory details.

2nd. what is your gen
eral writing advice for these who are wants to write but
don't know where to begin?

Well, you have to begin with a story, but beyond that, you have to do it. You have to write something. And most importantly, you have to finish something. I was always a dabbler. I'd start things, get bored, and

start something new. But the turning point for me came when I made a promise to myself to actually FINISH a whole book. It was hard! There were many, many time I grew bored or frustrated and wanted to

quit. But forcing myself to write through those times to the conclusion of the book made all the difference. It taught me more about the craft of novel writing than anything else I'd ever read or done. I think it's

really the only way to get a big-picture perspective on how to piece together a novel-length story.

Michelle Zink is the author of ::

Prophecy of the Sisters Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters, #1)


Guardian of the Gate Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters, #2)

Unlock the Prophecy...

Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, Book I)
by Michelle Zink
Little Brown Books for Young Readers

And coming, August 1st, the highly anticipated sequel to Prophecy of the Sisters, Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, Book II)

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