Saturday, 18 July 2009


♫♪♪♥ Polices ♥♪♪♫

I have a few plicies for my blog such as;

Books that I read & review/ Books that I accept to read & review;
I read may sorts of books such as:
- Children Books, Middle Grade Books but above all YOUNG ADULT BOOKS {any sort of them but prefer Historical, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Parnormal & ChickLit with migical or fantasy touch}.

- I also read some adult books: mostly Historical, Fantasy & Paranormal.

- I read Manga, Graphic Novels etc...

ARCs Policies:
I gladly accept ARCs; I usally post the review as soon as I finish the book and I repost it again within a week before the book release date.

I do not accept PDF copies {I may accept it if I really liked the book}; only hard copies of the books.

I aceept hosting book giveaway from authors & pulishers...
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