Saturday, 18 July 2009

About Me

You used to know me as Princess Neve Reviews from Princess Neve Reviews Blog

My blog current lovely blog name Le Vanity Victorienne means The Victorian Vanity in french; I named it that name because Books are my Vanity and through them I see realms of wonders...
Name: Neveen *Nevey Berry*

Age: Almost 23 ;)

-I totally love The Victorin Era and I wish to live back there but with one simple change aka I WANT A STEAMPUNK LAPTOP so I still can blog about books.

- I may be almost 23 but my heart is 13 ;).

- I adore perfumes and I own baby perfumes from Bon Bons

- I either so girly girl and live in a Pinkish world or so deeply Dark and Victorian Goth *by my own rules*.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Blogging, BOOKS & sure I watch TVAND i♥movies.

More about me coming so soon...
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