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Interview with Owen Palmiotti

My frist inerview ever.

An interview with the Owen Palmiotti the author of

Benjamin Manry and the Curse of Blood Bones

My questions now are about the cover.How you choose the book cover? Who design it for you? Do you have any story about the cover?
I designed the cover with the four aspects of the curse incorporated into it: the magic staff, the crimson journal, the scarlet stone, and the medallion. I then had it professionally designed based on my little drawings and ideas.

How much it does this book mean to you that it go published? And Get to share you fantasies with the world?

This book is a collection of my dreams, goals, and fantasies, and I am so pleased with how it came out. It was such an honor when I wrote THE END, let alone, getting it published.

Inspration:What inspired you to write? Do you have a person that inspires you?When you write; what is your ispration? And How you keep it going?Does your writing connect with your life in some espect?Who/What encourage you to get your book published?What is your typical daily routien as a writer?

I've always been a writer, ever since I was a child. My father and mother wouldn't let me out to play until I read or wrote something during the summers, so after a few years of the Literary Boot Camp, I began to harness my writing skills.

I write when I can, because if I don't sit down and write, my words will never take form on paper. If I have a few minutes here and there throughout a day I will sit down and take notes or scribble some ideas down. After that, I usually sit down and just type up everything for the last week or so of random scribbles and notes.

Writing and your life:How the fact of being an author changed your point of view and your look to the whole world?What were your friends/family members reaction when they knew that you are going to be a published author?How old you were when you started writing? When did you discovered that you want to be an author?Tell us more about your writing background.What advices do you have for a spraining writers?
Changing from writer to author, now that the first book is published, opened my eyes to how many books are actually out in print, and that means I need to work harder to get more notice and publicity for my writing. I've done research in nearly every aspect and angle of the industry and there is still much to learn.

My advice is to just be creative, let loose, let it all out: emotions, thoughts, dreams, nightmares, etc. and then put it to paper. Look it over a few times and talk to friends. Revise. Then resume a cycle of that over and over again, until it works for you.

The Book:Can you use words to describe the Book?Can you use words to describe you main character?How did you come up with the names?Why pirates and time traveling?Can you tell us a summery of the book?Are you currently working on any future project?The end...
Short and simple description of my book- it's the story of a young lad who finds a place in the world, grows and matures into a solid character amidst pirates, time travel, and losing a timeless love.
There are numerous side stories and subplots, but basically a cursed treasure sends Ben, his brother, and their friend Sal to 1763 and they live there for nearly a year. The curse of Blood Bones is a four evolution curse that spans through the trilogy, sending the adventurers between the 18th century and modern day multiple times.

I am working on the second and third books in the series now, with an open window for a fourth and fifth book as there are several hints and open ends that I plant throughout the trilogy.

I dreamt of names, looked through lists of names, combined names, added letters here and there, etc etc. Naming a character is tough, because it has to match their personality. Benjamin Manry is a strong name and a strong character, mainly because he is based off of me!

I read a lot of historical fiction, nautical themed, and stories revolving around time. My love for this trifecta of ideas can be seen in my other ideas for books.

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